"I kill by faith, not by whim. I love to kill because the voices in my head begin to pray.
My pickaxe has taken the life of the infidels, I can fly to a Jinn to strike again.
I will never be lamb of the Christ".

Name: Bokoko
Weapon: pickaxe
God: Jinn the Mosk


"I kill happiness. I love killing happy people. It is a sense of altruism: I take happiness out of an individual and put it back at the disposal of others. The Lord of Light hides me, don't smile at me, I could suddenly appear!".

Name: Said
Weapon: knife
God: Lucifer


"What funny stories about angels and evil spirits! I follow the entity that does not fear God or the opponent. I am a devotee of Exú. He gives me power, He makes me Bantu, sorcerer, as long as I follow his diet . Only human flesh ".

Name: Oshgale
Weapon: cleaver
God: Exù